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When you need fast cash to deal with an unexpected expense in Las Vegas, a title loan is an option to consider. Only Money Loans is ready to help you get the cash you need to handle almost any cash emergency.

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Title Loans Las Vegas

If you're in need of money for a unexpected emergency, or even extra money for a vacation a title loan in Las Vegas can help! We're prepared to meet your expectations when it comes to dealing with your specific financial situation. We won't put you into a loan that you can't afford to pay back, this won't do you or Only Money Loans any good. We're a Las Vegas lender who can use the collateral you have in your car to approve you for a title loan. Your title loan will be based on several factors. It will be based on the value of your car (, your income (you must have a stable job), and you must have a clean Nevada car title to secure the loan. The good thing about a title loan Las Vegas is that you are going to get to keep your car! This means you can keep living your life just as you do now while you're repaying your loan.

Title loans Las Vegas can often be complex loans to have when it comes to repayment IF you get the wrong lender. We've been lending to people in Las Vegas for several years and know how to setup title loans that don't bury you the borrower in debt you won't be able to afford to pay back. We take a realistic approach to your loan and only loan what we feel you can comfortable pay back. This makes our loans superior to other title loan lenders in Las Vegas. Unlike many lenders who will allow you to pay only interest the beginning months of your loan but don't require any payment towards the principal, we have you make payments that go towards both interest and principal. The reason for this is that when you're not making payments towards the principal during the course of your title loans Las Vegas loan, you'll end up with a big payment due at the end of the title loan cycle which many customers are not prepared to pay back. This can lead to default on your loan, and eventually repossession of your car if not paid. We at Only Money Loans don't like to gamble our customers financial futures on a loan that may end badly. It doesn't do us any good as a lender cause we're not in the business of repossessing cars or selling cars. We want you to pay your loan back and keep your car. For this reason, we may loan a little less... but you'll be more comfortable paying your title loan back and borrowing within your means.

Think Local

Get your title loan from a local Las Vegas lender! We're not a franchise, or a giant corporate lender who thinks about you as just another number. We care about you as a person. We get to know our clients and it shows. We have a repeat customer base and people like the way we do business! (we even get gifts from our customers at times!) Our offices are clean and professional and cater to your needs as a customer!

Only Money Loans has been offering auto Title Loans to our neighbors in the Las Vegas Valley since 2009 and we hope you become one of our customers!

Need a little help until your next payday?

Running short on cash is scary and no fun. Sometimes friends and family are unable to help, and banks and credit card companies don’t seem to care. We can help. We specialize in sort term payday loans to our friends and neighbors in the Las Vegas area. Cash advances are used for short term help, not as a long term loan. Used wisely the advance is a great solution. We loan money for two week time periods, at competitive rates. Call us at 702-888-5626 or 702-888-4853 with any questions.


You are never far from the cash you need. Whether its a Las Vegas Car Title or a Payday Loan we have two convenient neighborhood locations to serve you.


At Only Money Loans we make sure that you keep and drive your car throughout your title loan with us. With our fast cash title loans we will get you the money you need, TODAY!